Rider Wolves

by Motoguadaña

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This is our first album and we are glad to share with you.

The album was recorded, mixed and produced in Barcelona, on June 2018 by Yaron & Genís at "Black Mountain Studio".

The distribution is out since July 2018 Digi-CD and physical CD.

If you are a label/record and you are interested on get some copies, distribute, collaborate or edit our album, please contact us!

OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL: www.youtube.com/channel/UCBngp5XRYPw3jw1YhNIfSDA


Created by "Catastrofismo Creaciones"


released July 10, 2018




Motoguadaña Barcelona, Spain

We are a three stroke engine motorpunk band from Barcelona (Spain)

The engine parts:

Miki: Drums & Vocals
Julio: Guitar & Vocals
Barraka: Bass & Vocals

Since 2015, from Iron City to Barcelona.
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Track Name: Rolling
Like a fucking wheel
my life revolves
nothing seems real
I lost control

Skidded decisions
with handbrake
I slammed the reason
but still I run away

When you think your life takes many turns
nonsense is precisely when you scream so loud to lose

And if you cant find you, get on your bike
accelerates 'till explodes, and let fate do the rest.

Dead is calling me.
Track Name: Bad Grass
I drink too many poison
I'd cut all my veins
I buried myself
I fed all my friends

But I never die
Bad grass, will never die.

Now I am alone
this life with no croud
but now I am bored
I want to escape of this fucking world

I can't suicide
I'm stil buried alive.
Track Name: Desert
I am the sand that burns when you touch it
the fire in your mouth hurts when you breath it
I am the scorpion that stalks near the stones
I am the bones that you are surrounded

Into desert
You regret
Through the desert
You regret

Everyday the grip slips through my fingers
I see the fire in my broken pieces
shall you ever escape from this hell
or this is your final time to yell
Track Name: The Hound
Don't go down this road
is full of dangers, this is not a joke

Feral hound is waiting for an oversight
they say he's prowling there overnight

But we want to cross it tonight
we are not afraid, we are ready to fight

From Iron City to Black Rock Desert
we are not giving to give up never

Never surrender
Hound is ours
We are the hound
Track Name: Rider Wolves
We don't know what is patience
we don't need sings or orders
we just want take a chance
to ride the legal borders

Through the walls of Iron City
security is just a joke
with my spiked wheels
we will take our conviction

You can't stop us we are a bomb to explode
when you feel heat, it's when we'll be close.

We have only a gear
destroy the roads
never look back
and our tank reload

They call us rider wolves
When the night comes we howl like fucking animals
Track Name: Bar Fight
Please Jackson give me another beer
I know we are danger when we are here
but Jackson, we need to drink this night
if we don͛'t do it, we'll be in fight.

Bar fight!
Rider Wolves!

We have no time for bullshit and jokes
don't try to speak to me as if I was an idiot
look to my eyes and tell me what's wrong
your trouble is don͛'t know that we͛'re the Rider Wolves

Rider Wolves!
Bar Fight!
Track Name: Somos
Somos la grasa en los engranajes
mosquitos pegados en el parabrisas
somos las luces en la medianoche
los truenos saliendo de los escapes

Nuestro cuerpo aumenta su temperatura
somos compuestos de pura gasolina
nuestro corazón late a rpm
somos adictos a la adrenalina

Somos el humo en el horizonte
constante tensión en el cable de gas
somos aceite lubricando motores
que giran y giran hasta gripar

Somos pistones girando a toda mecha
cilindros calientes que habrá que limar
somos las ruedas quemadas por el asfalto
de tierras lejanas que tú nunca verás!
Track Name: Beyond the Era
Away from the chaos of Iron City
nothing to hear, only the wolves
there is a law that has no limits
nothing to handle, nothing to solve

Beyond the era of the humans
where the animals take control
beyond the era of destruction
we are living as a crowd

Away from the chaos of Iron City
nothing to do but explore
through the plains, the forests and lowlands
we run uncontrolled

Beyond the era of the morons
where you're afraid to go
beyond the era of extinction
we are living as rider wolves

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